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The Wellness Lounge LLC is your partner for health, helping you live well by bringing the best in medicine and healthcare to your door.

We Value Your Family's Health and Your Time


      The experience of visiting a doctor has changed greatly over the years, even over the past few months with the rise of COVID19 cases, leading more and more patients to consider concierge medicine to respond to their healthcare needs.The Wellness Lounge provides his concierge medicine patients with high quality, personalized, detailed medical care.

      The benefits of Concierge Medicine :
      We are making it easy for you to get the care you need when you need it! Access to personalized and proactive care / preventive care. Extra time together to focus on your Healthcare and Wellness concerns. More availability and flexibility from your primary care physician. Provides all aspects of patient care, including wholistic primary care and a comprehensive annual exam, in office medications, testing… Offers House Call. Skip the waiting room. We come to you ! We offer home visits, several labs and diagnostic tests. Virtual Care / Visit video. Just like a traditional visit, you will have the opportunity to choose a virtual visit using a camera-enabled device.


      We are treating the whole family for care needs.

      Urgent care
      Urgent care needs include illness and injury evaluation and treatment
      (Strep, flu, fever, allergies,Rashes, vomiting, fall…)

      IV Infusion therapy
      An alternative to oral treatment that can be used to help with disease
      of the gastrointestinal tract, dehydration, vomiting and many more.
      (Infusions therapies include antibiotic/antiviral, enteral nutrition, hydration…)


      Elevate your company with our Employee Solution Care Receive quality and convenience care for your employees. We provide vaccines (flu, travel vaccines requirements…) and tests (covid-19..) Our Mobile Health model aims to accommodate your corporate and group needs.
      Our care specialist will deliver care right to your business or events around the DFW area and even out of state!

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